The Lake District Mountains

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2008 09 19 - Loft Crag and Harrison Stickle.

Although I've been on the Langdale Pikes a number of times over the years I'd never actually been to the summit of Loft Crag, so that was my goal today. Weather forecasts were a little contradictory and although I expected some low clouds I also expected them to lift as the day progressed. Unfortunately my hopes were disappointed and low clouds persisted all day. I got no decent views at all as can be seen from the photographs.


The Langdale Valley from the path alongside Dungeon Ghyll


 Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike


Dungeon Ghyll


The Band disappearing into the mist


Loft Crag summit


And again


The view down into Langdale


Harrison Stickle


Near Harrison Stickle's summit


The summit


The summit again


And again


Stickle Tarn


Stickle Tarn and Pavey Ark


And again


Waterfall from near the bottom of Stickle Ghyll


  The Lake District Mountains