The Lake District Mountains
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2007 01 24 - Little Hart Crag

I parked at Cow Bridge and set off along Brothers Water towards Caiston Beck which tumbles down between High Hartsop Dodd and Middle Dodd. The path follows the course of the beck steadily towards Scandale Pass. It was cold with much ice and a little snow underfoot. The clouds were fairly high but became more intrusive as I reached the pass. The wind also increased markedly and whipped up swirls of snow as as I gained height. There was a fairly clear view in the direction of Ambleside but the tops of Red Screes and Dove Crag were hidden in mist. The blustery summit of Little Hart Crag was also in cloud and too cold a place to linger long. As I dropped a mere 50 feet or so the wind eased considerably and the summit was suddenly clear of cloud. I wandered down over High Hartsop Dodd back towards Cow Bridge, warming up as I went.


Gray Crag across Brothers Water


Caiston Beck


Looking towards Caudale Moor (centre)


Red Screes and Scandale Pass


Looking down Scandale in the direction of Ambleside


Little Hart Crag


The southern top


The small tarn between the two summits


The eastern top


The path over High Hartsop Dodd


Looking across to Dove Crag from High Hartsop Dodd


The summit of High Hartsop Dodd


Middle Dodd


Looking towards Brothers Water from the path off High Hartsop Dodd


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